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top breast augmentation procedure In orange county ca
best breast augmentation procedure In orange county ca

The boob job procedure (breast augmentation procedure In orange county ca) has been the most popular cosmetic procedure for many years now and will probably continue to be the most popular. Appearance is important as it is the one thing that we are judged upon immediately when we interact with others. We also inherently want to look good and if there is something about your physical appearance you are unhappy about and would like to change, plastic surgery may be the answer. For women with small breasts who want to feel sexier, more confident, etc, the breast augmentation procedure can give you larger breasts with the help of breast implants. The following are some common questions and answers about this popular procedure.



1. Saline or Silicone?

While these are the two types of implants currently marketed to women with small breasts, the silicone gel implants are more popular than saline implants. Silicone gel implants feature a gel inside an outer shell made of silicone rubber. This silicone material is a safe material that is used in various aspects of modern society.

Saline implants on the other hand comprise a saline solution (sterile salt water solution) injected into a rubber silicone shell. While silicone gel implants feel the most natural compared to saline implants which feel more like water balloons because of the content, saline implants only require a smaller incision and when they rapture, the saline solution is absorbed by the body with no problem unlike a silicone gel implant rapture since the body cannot absorb the gel. Both implant types come in either textured or smooth silicone shells and can be gotten in various shapes.

Saline implants may also produce a “rippling” or wrinkling effect that can be seen which can be reduced by placing the implant under the pectoralis major muscle instead of over this muscle.

While the silicone implant is preferred by many women, it is important to remember that there is no such thing as the perfect breast implant to be used during the boob job procedure. You will need to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each with your surgeon as you decide which type of implant will be more suitable for you.

2. Can I Breast Feed After a Boob Job Procedure?

Technically, the breast augmentation procedure should not affect the milk ducts and many women who have had a boob job have been able to successfully breast feed after this procedure.

Problems may arise if the plastic surgeon uses a poor technique or you develop an infection which is always a risk factor with any surgical procedure. These issues can decrease or eliminate your ability to breast feed after a boob job procedure. If the incision is made around the areola in order to minimize scar visibility, it may also cause problems with breast feeding after breast augmentation surgery.

3. Can Implants Rapture?

There is always a chance that the implants will rapture. Breast implants will not last forever so there is always a possibility of rapture. It is still unknown the percentage of implants that will rapture. This rapture can be due to normal wear through the years, injury to the breast, routine mammogram which can rapture an implant, etc. While some implants may deflate or rapture a few months after surgery, it is more common for older implants to rapture.

It is more difficult when a silicone gel implant raptures as the gel is foreign to the body and cannot be absorbed and it is also difficult to gauge whether a rapture has occurred unlike saline implants which flatten as the saline solution escapes from the silicone shell. A raptured silicone gel implant may lose some of its shape signifying a rapture or display some other irregularities or distortions. Some tests may be necessary to determine whether a rapture has occurred with silicone gel implants such as with the use of an MRI.

A raptured silicone gel implant usually causes some of the gooey gel to spread to surrounding tissues but this gel is not absorbed because it is a foreign substance. The gel may also travel to other areas of the body such as the stomach, armpit, back, etc.

When a rapture occurs, the implant has to be removed surgically and usually a replacement implant is requested by the patients featuring a newer implant.

4. Will I Have Bad (Visible) Scars?

With a boob job procedure or any other surgical procedures, highly skilled plastic surgeons try to create the “best looking” scars which are those scars which are not very visible using various techniques. Scars are the body’s normal response to injury. While the plastic surgeon’s skill level is important to create “good” scars, the resulting scar is also determined by genetics. For some people, their wounds inherently do not heal very well (including the development of keloid scars) and there is nothing that the plastic surgeon can do to prevent bad scars so this is something for you to consider.

In addition to the external scars, there are those scars on the inside that will need to be taken into consideration. Scarring around the breast implant known as capsular contracture is a response by the body to a foreign object being placed in the body which in this case is the implant. The body’s response is to wall off this implant by producing this scar tissue around the implant in order to isolate it from the rest of the body. The extent of this type of scarring varies from one person to another.

This internal scarring can cause the breast to harden in some patients leading to painful breasts or even deformed breasts in a few cases. If this occurs, the implant as well as the scar tissue may need to be surgically removed. If this scarring continues to cause these types of problems for you especially after a second or third surgery, you may have to live with these problems or decide that breast implants are just not for your body. There is nothing a plastic surgeon can really do about the extent of this internal scarring.

For external scars (those on the skin) there are many techniques to improve the scarring that the surgeon can implement including the location of the scar (e.g. incision made in the armpit, around the areola, around the navel, etc.) There are also many ointments that can be used by the patient during the recovery period to help improve the appearance of the scar some of which may work and some which may be ineffective.

5. Will I Need Revision Surgery?

If you do need revision work, do not fret too much although yes it will be annoying and may be an additional financial burden, but it is not uncommon even with the best work for some revision to be necessary. The final look after the implants have settled may not be what you hoped for and you may need additional procedures. The implants may rapture as mentioned previously which is not uncommon. Or additional surgeries may be required due to bad scarring, infection, implants shifting, etc.

6. What About Breast Cancer?

One important factor about having breast implants is that they interfere with the ability to detect cancerous tumors. Implants can hide suspicious looking tissues in the breast which means that results of a mammogram will be inconclusive. X-rays are unable to penetrate the silicone shell of the gel or saline implant.

MRIs may be able to penetrate the silicone to provide better images of the breast tissue but the cost of MRIs is about 10 times that for mammograms and may not be covered by insurance. This problem is therefore something to consider when contemplating a boob job procedure.

Placing the implant underneath the breast muscle may lessen this risk but you will still need to have a mammogram or two prior to the breast augmentation procedure the results of which will be used as a baseline and then another mammogram within the first year after having the breast implant procedure to note any changes in the breast in order to keep up with any abnormalities.

7. What Size Should I Go For?

This is probably one of the most important questions. While your plastic surgeon may give you suggestions, only you can decide. Bigger is not always better especially if you want a more natural and less plastic look.

The average breast size varies from a large B-cup or small C-cup size. To determine the size that may work for you, you may need to purchase a bra in the size you are thinking of and fill it with the implants that will give you that size and see how you feel and look and make adjustments if necessary with the help of your plastic surgeon.

If you do not get the results you desire after the breast implant surgery, you can always opt for a second procedure to increase the size of the implants or reduce the size. It is not uncommon to have several procedures to get the final results that you want as long as the revisions are not too many. One of two revisions should be sufficient.